Dresser Turned Entertainment Center DIY

4 Jan


Let me start by saying that I pride myself in being cheap. And I mean that in the best possible way… Not the friend that shorts you on her part of a bar tab, the friend that brings the buy-one-get one coupon and shares it with you. I wanted this to be my first blog project so I could show you how much I enjoy perfection, challenges, the process… But, most importantly, how EACH and EVERY part of this project was bought on sale or being, cheap.

I have my rounds that I circle in town to do drive by’s on my favorite thrift stores. After you get to know which ones carry more furniture or which ones have the better finds, you’ll figure out which to stop by more often than others. Also, did you know that many of the thrift stores have coupons???? Ohhh yes! Each do them differently, some are email sign up some Facebook pages. Which brings me to how I bought this treasure. I found it during one of my intense afternoons of trying to hit up every single thrift store in the greater Sacramento area. The best part of buying used furniture is being able to get a well-built, solid piece of furniture on an Ikea budget. I loved this piece immediately because of the craftsmanship; I should also mention that I look like a crazy person while evaluating used goods. I pull everything apart to see if anything is broken, if it is cosmetic or structural and determine if it is for me or not. This is when I realized this is a true TREASURE! Dove tailed drawers, nothing broken, all the hardware worked all the drawer tracks worked perfectly and it had unique (but not weird) design lines. There was just one problem… I don’t buy things that aren’t marked down or on sale. I guess technically being at a thrift store it is marked down. But I don’t ever buy something for the listed price. If there was something broken, I would’ve just haggled them down. But it was in perfect condition. So I talked to someone there and found out there was a 50% off furniture sale in two weeks. So I decided if it was still there in 2 weeks it was meant to be.

And… It was. So now I just needed to borrow a truck and some guys… Thanks to my soon-to-be sister in law got the truck and got my treasure home all for $50.00 I wasn’t totally set on what colors I wanted to do yet so this project took awhile, because I miss my good painting weather window. Somehow each weekend I wanted to tackle this project was over 100 degrees all summer. This is where the patience is HUGE, if you get antsy, it’ll look like crap. Here are my supplies…


Go to the Dollar Tree/ 99 Cent Store for EVERYTHING… Drop Cloths, Paint Roller, Mask, Goggles, Sand Paper, Paint Brushes

Next up… Paint… This is VERY IMPORTANT… Do NOT buy cheap, crap paint. Unless of course you want it to look like cheap crap. I only use Behr paint from Home Depot. You can wipe and wipe and wipe it clean and it doesn’t chip. Plus, it’s very easy to work with the consistency is great. So, how do you get good paint cheap? You get *SAMPLES*!!! They just started carrying their Premium Plus Ultra Interior/Exterior paint in sample sizes. It only comes in flat finish which is exactly what you want for painting furniture. And it’s ONLY $2.94 a piece! I used two for my entire project! I never do a primer, they only add more thickness to your paint and in my personal experience cause more chipping.

Use a foam roller, not a wool roller, it won’t be smooth… These little sets are great from the Dollar Tree…

Dresser 5Behr PaintDresser 9

The size allows you to get into tighter spaces with easier control as well. They also carry replacement packs of the rollers… Reuse the tray as many times with the same paint color. The foam brushes are the best to use with flat paint. It is very difficult to use a bristle brush with flat paint on furniture… Steaks galore. With the foam brushes you can tap the paint into the cut outs of the furniture, like this…

Dresser 3

The hardware I spray painted with my favorite cheap spray paint. Quick Color Aerosol Paint in black. It’s $0.97!!! I ALWAYS have a bottle, or three on hand of this… It spruces up most thing… My favorite is picture frames, but that’s a whole new topic I will cover in the future… Now, without further ado… *DRUMROLL* Taaaaa Daaaahhh….

Dresser 10

Thank you everyone for reading my very first post, I’d love a follow and please, PIN away! Now, go Mrs. Train!



3 Responses to “Dresser Turned Entertainment Center DIY”

  1. Aimee January 5, 2013 at 1:38 PM #

    If you get interrupted while painting, wrapping the wet brushes and pans in saran wrap and placing them in the fridge does help keep them. Not forever, of course, but it works swimmingly for a few hours, even overnight. Longer with high quality, less sticky paints.

  2. Sharonda Willis January 5, 2013 at 2:16 PM #

    Hey Gina! You did an amazing job on the dresser. Good luck!

    Sharonda W.

  3. Kate January 29, 2013 at 6:52 PM #

    Wow! Changing the color made a huge difference! Very cool:)

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