Collage Coffee Tumbler

6 Jan

Caught up on a few projects todays… This one is something for you or a great gift for a friend. This also works really well for co-worker/secret santa gifts. You can either do a magazine or photo collage if you want to really give it the personal touch. Or for a QUICK (and I mean, less than 5 minutes) gift or update to your existing tumbler… Scrapbook paper is the way to go… Whenever I’m at Michael’s I always look at the clearance papers (sometime, somewhere, there will be a project that needs it).

Since I’m a bargain bin shopper I can’t help myself but check for treasures when I see one. Starbuck’s always has items on sale… Usually there is something worth grabbing for a future gift. These especially are great finds. So here’s some quick step-by-step pictures.

  • Tumbler $5.47
  • Scrapbook Paper $0.13
  • $5.60 GIFT

Steps 1-4The glue was just a weight to hold down the template

  • Get tumbler, scrapbook paper, pen, scissors
  • Remove template from tumbler and lay out on the backside of scrapbook paper
  • Trace template (AND hold onto for future paper changes)
  • Cut out slightly on the inside of your traced line so that it fits inside

Steps 5-8

  • Roll up your cut piece of scrapbook paper
  • Push down until it stops, leaving the tab showing
  • Tuck the tab down (this will make it easy to get to out in the future)
  • Screw on the bottom of tumbler and tah dah …..

Thank you for stopping by to see this Quick Craft!

-Mrs. Training


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