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The Kitchen Lover’s Wish List

25 Nov

Santa's List

Hi Readers!!!

I wanted to share with you my favorite things for the kitchen. If you don’t know what to register for or ask Santa for this is the one stop shop. I’ve included links to the current best prices on the items as well… So forward the entire list or cut and paste your favorites to make it very easy for your spouse or family get exactly what you want for Birthday/Christmas/Hanukah! Enjoy and let me know if you have favorites that should be added to my upcoming WEDDING REGISTRY CHECK LIST 🙂


Brown Sugar Saver $3.99

White 3.5 Oz Ramekin Set of 4 $3.96

Eco Clean Tampico Vegetable Brush $4.99


Garlic Peeler $6.95

Glass Salt Cellar with Lid $8.95

Martha Stewart Misto Spray Can $9.99

OXO Large Stainless Steel and Nylon Tongs $12.95

Professional Decorating Set $12.95


Pampered Chef Garlic Press $16.50

Martha Stewart Flexi Mats Set of 4 $16.99

Vacuvin Wine Saver $18.95 (This is a great thing to add to a bottle of wine for a Hostess gift)


Lodge Cast Iron 12″ Skillet $29.99

Large Round Stone With Handles $33.00

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator $39.95

Lodge 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven $49.99


Cuisinart Food Processor $219.99

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Classic $349.99 (There are MANY varieties and colors of Kitchen Aid Mixers now, this is the basic one and easiest to find a special on it).

J.A. Henckels Classic Cutlery, 16 Piece Block Set $466.00 (BUT it’s on sale for $199.99)

Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 13-Piece Cookware Set $500 (BUT on Sale right now)

Remember there are AMAZING DEALS both IN STORE & ONLINE for Christmas Shopping. The BEST DEALS you can get on anything during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is on Housewares/Electronics & Toys. So even if you just want to treat yourself to one of these great kitchen gadgets, this is the best time to buy.  Send this list to you boyfriend, husband, parents, kids, friends, whoever 🙂

There are more Christmas posts to come…


-Mrs. Training


DIY Engagement Ring Holder

25 Jan

I was a major connoisseur of cheap rings prior to my engagement ring… I LOVE me a chunky plastic flower ring… Or whatever great options Forever 21 has by the register. Mostly I loved that they really stood out and cost nothing, but the best thing was I didn’t have to be careful with them. I mean really, I spent more on my latte than this ring, who cares if I see it again. But when you get something out of the Forever 21 budget “to have and to hold” Ekkk. That’s a lot of pressure. I take it off while sleeping (if I eat something super salty), take a shower, wash the dishes… And I’m always looking for a “Safe Place” to set it. Then, I found the SUPER CUTE, SUPER CHEAP solution. You can have one by your bed, by all sinks and wherever else you are looking for a “Safe Place”.

The supplies are as follows:

YES, that’s $2.28 for a GREAT Engagement gift for your girlfriends. Let’s get started…

SuppliesPoly Fil

Remove the glass or plastic window pane from the frame. Use the “fake family photo” as your template. Cut your fabric 1/2 inch border around your template. Then, using your glue gun get your first side glued to your template.

Steps 1-2

You’ll want to cut the fabric on the corners off at a 45 degree angle. So that when you glue the other sides down, the fabric lays flat and doesn’t bulk up.

Steps 3-4

Leave the top side open and stuff with your filler, get it full enough so you have a little pillow.

Steps 5-6

Then using your fingers, hold down the fabric to glue the last flap down. Then, you’re done with that.

Steps 7-8

Open your frame, insert the pillow… Fluffy side first.

Steps 9-10

Close the back of the frame and insert a corsage needle.

Steps 11-12

Then… Hang your ring in the cutest “Safe Place” ever…

Pink Done

These are the other two I made…

Purple DoneWhite Done

This is the easiest, cheapest, cutest solution to your own ring place, but also such a great Quick Craft for a gift.

Keep On Training…

-Mrs. Training

Collage Coffee Tumbler

6 Jan

Caught up on a few projects todays… This one is something for you or a great gift for a friend. This also works really well for co-worker/secret santa gifts. You can either do a magazine or photo collage if you want to really give it the personal touch. Or for a QUICK (and I mean, less than 5 minutes) gift or update to your existing tumbler… Scrapbook paper is the way to go… Whenever I’m at Michael’s I always look at the clearance papers (sometime, somewhere, there will be a project that needs it).

Since I’m a bargain bin shopper I can’t help myself but check for treasures when I see one. Starbuck’s always has items on sale… Usually there is something worth grabbing for a future gift. These especially are great finds. So here’s some quick step-by-step pictures.

  • Tumbler $5.47
  • Scrapbook Paper $0.13
  • $5.60 GIFT

Steps 1-4The glue was just a weight to hold down the template

  • Get tumbler, scrapbook paper, pen, scissors
  • Remove template from tumbler and lay out on the backside of scrapbook paper
  • Trace template (AND hold onto for future paper changes)
  • Cut out slightly on the inside of your traced line so that it fits inside

Steps 5-8

  • Roll up your cut piece of scrapbook paper
  • Push down until it stops, leaving the tab showing
  • Tuck the tab down (this will make it easy to get to out in the future)
  • Screw on the bottom of tumbler and tah dah …..

Thank you for stopping by to see this Quick Craft!

-Mrs. Training

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